Your Dog's 'Retreat from the Heat'
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ChillSpot® cooling dog bed simulates the tile floor, and makes it EVEN COOLER.

ChillSpot's "tiles" get cold and stay cool in the heat of the day!

ChillSpot® helps dogs keep their cool.

ChillSpot® IS The Coolest Dog Bed!
US PATENT # 8,567,347
This is a different animal! 
The ChillSpot® chilled pet bed is the ONLY product that actually cools and stays cold.  It is effective in hot ambient temperatures, requires no water or electricity, and is rugged, unlike other cool pet beds. Using only thermodynamics, the ChillSpot® cool dog bed gives your best friend a cool place to relax and not just temporary relief.
ChillSpot® by LayRay, LLC
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ChillSpot® is the perfect pet cooling station in hot weather, indoors or outdoors, for work, play & travel.
 There are other "cool beds"...