Your Dog's 'Retreat from the Heat'
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The Cool Difference
ChillSpot® uses "ChillPods", frozen overnight in your freezer, to deliver a colder surface than other options which use only air circulation, water or gel.
ChillSpot® is the only cooling bed that has an insulated base, allowing it to stay cold hours longer than others when out in warm weather.
ChillSpot's patented design of a rugged insulating base and powder coated aluminum tiles is much more durable than anything available, including beds made of bags, vinyl, sponge or cloth.
ChillSpot® does not use electricity or batteries - it uses freezer packs, insulation and simple thermodynamics.
ChillSpot's streamlined design and neutral colors allow it to be placed nicely with patio furniture, on your deck, poolside, boat dock, etc.
ChillSpot® is easily cared for using a non-abrasive eco-friendly cleaner, such as dish soap, and a sponge.  Surfaces are smooth and easily accessible.
ChillSpot® will be there all day to provide immediate cool relief for your pet, and give you peace of mind.
ChillSpot® can be used anywhere - outdoors or inside.  It has a compact profile and can be transported without spillage or mess.
ChillSpot® is easy to use each day.  Simply freeze the "ChillPods" overnight in your freezer, slide them into place within the unit, remove them at the end of the day, repeat.
ChillSpot® replicates the cool tile floor your dog loves when the temperature is high, providing "physical well-being or relief" - the definition of comfort.